Ichiro NODAIRA Quartet & Quintets

野平一郎 / 弦楽四重奏曲&ピアノ五重奏曲集Quatuor du Temps
Yasushu TOYOSHIMA (vn)
Tomoshige YAMAMOTO (vn)
Yoshiko KAWAMOTO (va)
Ryoichi FUJIMORI (vc)
Florent BOFFARD (pf)

MSCD-0011 2,625yen

"Recomended CD of the month" ( Record Geijutsu Magazine )

It is a collection of piano quintet music with two string quartets of composer / Ichiro Nohira who is the most famous in the world of Japanese modern music.
Of Nohira; is delicate, and Yasushi Toyoshima, Tomoshige, Yamamoto, Yoshiko Kawamoto, best members named Ryoichi Fujimori play a dynamic work wonderfully.
A piano performance of flow orchid BOFFARD which Boulez trusted is wonderful technique.

Recorded: Jun,2001,Toppan Hall
Producer/Engineer: Kaz Ishikawa

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