Tosiya SUZUKI Recorder Recital

鈴木俊哉リコーダーリサイタルMSCD-0006 2,625yen

MSCD-0006 2,625yen Sold Out now

"Special Recomended CD of the month" ( Record Geijutsu Magazine )
Special Selection of ASAHI SHINBUN (newspaper)
High Quality Recording Selection (Stereo magazine)
'Musik & Ästhetik Interpretationspreis 2003' by der Gesellschaft für Musik und Ästhetike

No one can come away without being stunned when experiencing the performance of Tosiya Suzuki. With Baroque music, merely elegant, light, and somewhat warm passages are played on the recorder. Suzuki has changed this and given a new life to this small instrument with powerful expression.
This is the first solo CD album of Toshiya Suzuki who named as the best recorder player in the world of contemporary music. Berio, Ferneyhough, Toshio Hosokawa..., nevertheless those are difficult music Suzuki plays with a marvelous technique perfectly.

Recorded:Jun & Sep,1998, Chichibu Muse Park
Producer/Engineer: Kaz Ishikawa


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