野平一郎 武満徹ピアノ全集Herb OHTA (ukulele)

MSCD-0004 2,625yen
Millenium edition MSCD-0005 3,675yen

"Millenium a limited edition"
This limited edition includ Special luxury coverjacket, OHTA's own hand score of "Siciliano", and more supplement. Not for sale at any CD shops, Please order to MusicScape directory.

Cantatas, many other instruments of Bach was arranged by OHTA's inprovised in own imagination for UKULELE, overflowed beautiful sound from him.
I seem to be fully rearized that make a feat in every moment of living genius from this CD.
(Shoji TSUDA, guitarist, from liner notes)

Recorded:Nov,1996, Hawaii. Mar, 1997, Tokyo
Producer/Engineer: Kaz Ishikawa

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